Monday, January 6, 2014

Catching Up With Style Blogger Enocha Tellus of Locks and Trinkets

This past holiday season we had the immense pleasure of working with blogger extraordinaire, Enocha (Miss Enocha, if ya nasty) of Locks and Trinkets fame. We were wowed by her fresh fashion and even fresher personality; we knew we just had to get one of our Winky designs on her!

In this upcoming year, we are starting a new series of blogger interviews to get inside their stylish minds and find out what inspires them.

Winky Designs: How do you describe your style?
Miss Enocha: Simple, Edgy, Chic

W.D: What/who are some of your biggest style inspirations?

M.E: My biggest style inspirations are Solange, Gwen Stefani, and Julia Sarr

W.D: Why did you decide to start your own blog?
M.E: I started my blog as an outlet to share my musical journey but it eventually turned into a fashion blog as I have always been to fashion and I noticed that my style resonated with my readers.

W.D:  Here at Winky Designs we believe in inspiring self-expression through the design of joyful, functional fashion at affordable prices. In what ways do YOU love to express yourself (other than your amazing style, of course)?
M.E: I love to express myself through music. After putting a pause on my music and working in the fashion industry, I eventually realized music is where my heart is and am now currently working on my debut album.

W.D: What is your favorite Winky Designs accessory and how would/did you rock it?
M.E: I love the Envelope clutch that I rocked with an all-white ensemble during the holidays. I also really love all the sequin clutches!

 To kick off the New Year right and introduce everyone to our new W.O.W. Collection of classic watches with inspirational words, we are asking each blogger to finish this sentence:

Miss Enocha: In 2014, I DREAM to touch the world with my music.

Stay tuned this year as we continue to grow and reach out to those whose style we admire! Thank you Miss Enocha for taking some time to chit-chat and we can’t wait to see (and hear!) with what you come up with next!

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