Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March Madness! Basketball Jersey Fashion

It’s almost that time of year to put your school colors on and represent your college basketball team! Whether you’re an alumni or just a fan, getting dressed up to root for your team during March Madness can be a blast. I’ve always been a little jealous of the boy's jerseys and wondered why they don’t make them for the ladies too. The team shirts that I have are pretty plain, and wearing a hoodie to a game is asking for a heat stroke! So I stood in my closet twiddling my thumbs... I kept looking at my husband's jerseys thinking “not fair! They look so cool :(“. And that is when the light bulb turned on! As you might've guessed, I’ve come up with a few nifty solutions to sport a basketball jersey in a feminine way. So before I get chased out of the house screaming “just let me wear it”!!! Here is how I’ll be dressed for this years march madness!
As you can see I conveniently borrowed (he might say stole…tomato tamato) my husbands jersey. I used a belt around the waist to wear it as a dress. 
Yes I play basketball....not!  I'm 5'0, and the net is way too high.

For those of you who are still in cold weather cities, warmth is a must! I added a hoodie underneath my jersey and added leggings under my jeans. 

Vince carter is the number on my jersey. Tyler Hansbrough is my husband though...I'm a little obsessed with him even though he's now graduated. Marcus Paige and James McAdoo are my current favorite players. 
I love our slap watches! Being that I’m a klutz and spill liquids frequently throughout the day, I need a watch that is durable and water resistant. I also have tiny wrists and the silicone has a strong grip…no fear of it flying off my wrist. 

To give myself a more feminine shapely silhouette, I've used the Winky Designs baby blue belt around my jersey. 
 Thanks for listening!  Share with me what you're going to wear for March Madness in our blog comments! :)