Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fun Pet Accessories!

It's no secret we love our pets. They can often be seen running around the office chasing howling monkey toys and terrorizing visitors. Heck, they even have their own spot on our About Us page! That there is LOVE! We are always on the lookout for fun new toys and accessories to spoil our little lovebugs with so here's a few we found that will be sure to make your furry (or scaly) family member love you all the more. A happy pet equals a happy owner!

1.) For your Mr. Bubbles, aka fishy, Wag offers the R2 Solutions Complete Fish Training Kit. The R2 Fish School Kit includes everything you need to know about teaching your fish fantastic tricks. For real, you can really teach your fish tricks! Who would've thought? Just like any other animal, or human at that, you reward them with treats which are included. You can teach your fish to fetch, shoot hoops, swim the slalom, limbo dance and much more! Olympics here we come!

2.) For your kitty, we love this cat Teepee from Uncommongoods.  Give your four legged chief, prowling the grounds, somewhere to camp out when they've licked that bowl clean of tuna fish. Let them rule the room, and rest royally. MeeeeOW!

3.) If you love sushi like I do, your baby will too! This new line of dog toys, by Sushipups, is inspired by their love for their pups and yummy sushi. All you sushi lovers out there, make your doggies drool with these plush salmon, tuna, uni, and tuna bone maki toys.

4.) No passport required for Harry Barkers Parisian Toile Dog Gift Tote. If you love traveling, why not help your pup feel a little more cultured too? The Small Dog Gift Tote includes: Blue Toile Treat Tin with Chicken Treats, small blue Eiffel Tower Dog Toy, and small blue Toile Bone Dog Toy, all packed inside an Eco-Tote.  The Large Dog Gift Tote includes: Blue Toile Treat Tin with Chicken Treats, large blue Eiffel Tower Dog Toy, and large blue Toile Bone Dog Toy, all packed inside the same Eco-Tote. Now your dog will appreciate traveling as much as you do!

5.) Check out this critter cruiser by Wag, it has better wheels than me! This is an exciting pet powered car for hamsters and gerbils that has two different ways your little guy can race. He can choose to race remaining stationary or interactively on any flat surface!

6.) If your snuggle buddy chooses to be a fashionista and unpredictable, Susan Lanci Designs has created this pretty little harness to keep them down to earth. This trendy harness is breathable, functional, and comfortable for any dog.  The quality fabric will last a long time and comes in a wide range of colors from soft pastels to vibrant hues.  Go ahead and "shine bright like a diamond"!
These toys and accessories are Gummy and Opie approved!