Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Catching Up With Style Blogger Julia Shutenko

We stumbled upon Julia’s blog last year and oh, are we so glad we did! Julia has the uncanny ability to mix high end designer labels with up and coming labels all the while making it look FAB-U-LOUS *snap snap*. This London-based blogger even has quite the impressive resume with internships under her belt at Conde Nast and Hearst publications as well as previous positions at Elle UK Magazine. We wanted to take a moment from her very busy schedule to ask her a few questions and get some fun girl talk in. Fashionistas, take heart! Julia also shares some tips on how to break into the fashion industry….

WINKY DESIGNS: How would you describe your style?
JULIA SHUTENKO: My style depends on my mood. One day I want to feel feminine and wear pencil skirts and next morning I put on my biker boots and boyfriend jeans. I am probably never too girly and whenever I wear a cute dress I pair it with edgier accessories, oversized coat and messy ponytail. I like to play with my looks and am opened to new experiments with my outfits. If I had to give my style a name it would be casual chic.
W.D.: Who’s your biggest style inspiration?
J.S.: I don’t have just one style icon and tend to seek inspiration from the variety of sources. Probably the most of it comes from street style photos and other fashion bloggers. I can spend hours browsing through Pinterest mood boards in search of some new ideas. I love looking at models and celebrities off duty looks and admire Jessica Alba’s effortlessly cool style.

W.D.: You have some pretty amazing pieces in your wardrobe (J’ADORE)! Do any have a really great story behind them? Which one do you consider your absolute fav?
J.S.: Ah, thank you! An item that holds the most memories for me is the pair of Lanvin heels that I found during my trip to New York. Do you know the feeling when you think that something was meant to be? That’s how we found each other. I was exploring New York’s SOHO area and stumbled upon a sample sale in one of the stores. And there they were, just one pair and just one available size that fit me perfectly. That was such a Cinderella moment!
ERMAGOSH, we LOOOVE the Lanvin heels too! 
W.D.: We loved how you rocked our Words of Wisdom DREAM watch. What dream do you personally have for yourself this year?
J.S.: I love that watch and every time I look at it I feel inspired. This year I have set several goals that I would like to achieve with my blog and am focusing all my energy on that. Dreams are so important in life, they are the biggest motivators that help you move forward. I wouldn't be where I am right now if I wasn't dreaming. Dream on, guys!
Read that post here!
W.D.: You have such a great resume with interning and working in the fashion industry. Can you give our younger style savvy readers any advice in pursuing a career in fashion?
J.S.: You have to be prepared to work very hard, be determined, patient and never lose hope. The fashion industry is tough and highly competitive and you need to be your best self in order to succeed. Be prepared to start from interning and always be passionate about what you are doing. Trust me, give it some time and people will notice you and all your efforts will pay off!

Thanks Julia for being so sweet and encouraging us to chase our dreams! We wish you all the best!

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