Thursday, April 10, 2014

6 Awesome Ways to Wear a Scarf

With spring upon us, what better way to prettify a cute sundress than with a fun and colorful scarf! We realize there may be ladies out there looking at the multitude of scarves in their closet and thinking to themselves, “How the heck do I wear this??” Well let Winky come to the rescue! We’ve compiled some of our favorite ways to wear a scarf, our adorable Wraps of Life scarves ($30) work perfectly with each style, and infuse your outfit with some joy!

1. French Knot Wrap aka The oh-you-fancy-huh Wrap
The French knot wrap is a perfect way to wear your scarf when you’re upping your game and showing off your fashion flair! In your hands, gather your scarf and loop it in half. Still folded in half, place the scarf around your neck. Open the looped end of the scarf with one hand and with the other take one of the loose ends and move it under to the other side of the loop and thread it through the loop. Take the other loose end and bring it over into the loop. Adjust the scarf to make it a bit prettier and comfortable around the neck. This knot might take a little practice but believe me, it’s well worth it!

2. Classic Wrap aka The I’m-too-lazy-to-do-anything-fancy Wrap
The classic wrap is a great way to jazz up a boring outfit while in a rush heading out the door. Simply lay the scarf around your neck making one side longer than the other. Loop the longer end of the scarf around one time and adjust to make the length even. Bam! You’re out the door in 2 seconds flat and no one will have any idea you woke up only 10 minutes ago (just make sure you brush your teeth and wash your face)!

3. Classic knot aka The who-turned-up-the-air-conditioning-in-here?! Wrap
The classic knot is a super easy and classic way to wear a scarf while still looking polished. Wrap the scarf like the “Classic Neck Wrap” then tie the ends to create a simple knot. Adjust the scarf to hide the knot, and voilá! Lookin’ chic, pretty lady.

4. Infinity Wrap aka The ain’t-nobody-got-money-to-buy-a-new-scarf Wrap
The infinity wrap is a great way to wear your scarf in a stylish new way. To make the trendy infinity style, tie the ends of the scarf into a secure knot. Place the scarf around your neck while making sure the knot is positioned behind your neck. Crisscross the scarf and loop around your neck. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

5. Sarong Wrap aka The there-are-kids-around-so-my-thong-bikini-might-not-have-been-the-best-idea Wrap
The sarong wrap is a great way to re-purpose your scarf for the warm beach and pool days of summer. Hold your scarf so that it’s completely open and hold it by the top corners behind your bum. Gather both ends, one in each hand. Position the gathered ends on one side of the hip and tie into a loose knot. Now you’re ready to hit the pool or beach in style!

6. Halter Dress Wrap aka The quick-I-need-a-dress-for-dinner-after-the-pool! Wrap
The halter dress wrap is a great way to cover up in a flash and still look pulled together. Start off holding the scarf as if you were going to wrap a sarong. Take the top left edge and place it over the right shoulder so it drapes over. Do the same with the right edge and gather the ends behind your neck and make a secure knot. Now you’re ready to grab lunch or dinner (add a belt and some jewelry for a more elegant look) right after a swim session without having to dig around for some clothes! How convenient!

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