Thursday, March 13, 2014

3 Places in Vegas to Find Your Potential Future Husband

“Where the heck do all the good guys hide?!” can be a commonly heard complaint by the single ladies here in Vegas (and in our office). With the abundance of temptations, it can seem like a rotating door of bad boys in the dating repertoire. Vegas stands out as one of the most difficult cities in the US to find a potential husband for women in their twenties because of the transient nature of people here as well as the aforementioned temptations, but rest assured it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE! We share 3 places you might have overlooked in your quest for Mr. Right (or Mr. Big), so go ahead and do your hair and put on some lipstick ‘cause you might just snag yourself a good one!
1.   Casino

The casino and hospitality industry is a big one here with about 30% of the population employed in that sector. One of the best kept secrets for finding a man is somewhere you might go everyday to eat a meal, the EDR! The employee dining room is a great place to meet a good man and I’ll tell you why: A.) He has a job (score!) and B.) Since Vegas is a 24 hr. city, if you spot him at the EDR all the time, it’s most likely he has similar working hours as you (carpool, eat lunch together everyday, be awake at the same time….oh, the possibilities are endless!)

2.   Speed Dating Events

Before you automatically shout “UH, NO!” and tune out, hear us out! Speed dating isn’t what it used to be and just like online dating, it has lost most of the stigma. There are organizations tailored to specific groups like young professionals, pet owners, religious affiliation- whoever you are, they can introduce you to like-minded individuals! Long gone are the days where anybody who signs up can participate meaning you could very well meet the “creeper” of your dreams (EWW)! Gather your girls and head out for a fun night of mingling because YPI (Young Professionals, Introduced) is throwing an awesome speed dating event March 29th at the Gold Spike. The $30 entry gets you 2 drinks and customized speed date matching based on questionnaire answers. Best of all, if you hit it off with that young venture capitalist, stick around at Gold Spike and play some giant Jenga by the fire pit on your first date!

3.   Weekend Bar-Hopping on East Fremont

If you’re a hip 20-something chick you’ve most likely been downtown bar-hopping from DCR to The Griffin to Commonwealth. Keep your options open and your eyes peeled because guys from all walks of life are there too! Groups of friends venture down to East Fremont so you’re bound to see someone you know and you can check out the group of friends they came with. Being introduced by a mutual friend/acquaintance is a great way to meet a guy and it takes a lot of the pressure off. These bars are perfect for cozying up to a friend of a friend of a friend and starting a convo, who knows, he might just be an entrepreneur with a heart of gold!