Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's Time...For Some Spring Cleaning!

When I think of spring the first thing that comes to mind is allergies. The next that comes to mind is spring-cleaning. This happens to be one of my favorite times of the year since I know friends and family will be going through their closets and uncovering treasures for the taking! Fashion trends always come back around and of course you have your essentials that never die. I happen to have an amazing Mimi (grandma for you non-southern folk) with a closet that most women dream of. Every year there is a new pair of vintage shoes (maybe a blouse or two if I'm lucky) that she is finally ready to let go of and I just happen to be on the receiving end. The weather is starting to warm up and my legs have been screaming for some sun! So here is this weeks "spring-cleaning" outfit, enjoy!

Something old, something new, something vintage, something..*sneeze* bless you! 
I've seen a lot of floral print but I haven't seen one I liked...'til this skirt. I used the rose gold clutch here to give it a contrast.

 I like long hanging necklaces with high-waisted skirts. It helps to draw the eye and elongate the body.

My wrists are really small and bracelets always slip off. Frustrated, I stopped trying to wear them and  would wear a watch instead. Now I can have the best of both worlds with no fear of it slipping off! The pink opal paired with brown and gold give it an elegant touch to the outfit. 

Thanks to spring-cleaning I found this gem! My mother made this for one of my ice skating costumes, I want to say, over 15 years ago. I had completely forgotten about it 'til I came across it in an old Caboodles!!!


These shoes are vintage from my lovely Mimi. The nude and brown will never go out of style and they have already been broken in for me ;). 

Grey V-Neck T-Shirt: $6.50 Wet Seal 
Growze Diver Flare Skirt: $ 65.00  Boutiqueaholics 
Rose Gold Envelope Clutch: $ 40.00 Winky Designs
Gold Charm Necklace: $5.95 Teenz & 20's 
Strawberry Shortcake Watch: $120 Winky Designs