Monday, August 5, 2013

Las Vegas Weekly Interview and Photo Shoot

Recently, Winky was contacted to be featured in an issue of the Las Vegas Weekly highlighting the successful entrepreneurs of our fair city. Imagine our surprise and excitement at the thought of this (cue squeals of delight)! We devoted a day to cleaning our modestly sized but packed office and finally put up our “WINKY” silver signage in anticipation for the interview and photo shoot.
   Hey, that’s me facing the camera concentrating on work…or am I?! Hehehe HIIIIII!

The lovely journalist Kristen Peterson came to our office to interview Winky for the feature and as soon as she stepped through the door, she was accosted by Gummy and Monkey, our adorable doggy mascots and fell head-over-heels in love. L-O-V-E. Every other sentence was punctuated by a reference on how adorable Monkey was! Can’t say I blame her; those dogs even make it hard for me to work they’re so cute! But back to business, the interview went fantastically well and Kristen informed us the photo department would be contacting us soon to set up a shoot. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, Kristen was wearing one of our Winky Designs belts! She heard of us from and loves our products. Awesome!

A few days later a photographer from the magazine showed up and as soon as he stepped through the door…..YUP, HE INSTANTLY FELL IN LOVE WITH MONKEY AND GUMMY! I tell ya they’re like kryptonite. As soon as he pried himself away from the fluffy balls of adorableness we got to business. He shot Winky in a series of photos highlighting her natural fabulousness and colorful products.
“Throw em up in the air Winky!!”
Winky with her invisible platter of watches…
Thank you Kristen and Marcus for giving us some wonderful local press! It puts Winky Designs one step closer to global domination! Wahahahahaha….*cough*