Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fashion Photo Shoot Time

The time must come in every designer’s life where they must embark on the journey to create….THE NEW SEASON LOOKBOOK!! *Queue shouts of joy*

This season we decided on a playful and sweet theme to correspond with the “sweet” in the Sweet Dreams Collection name. With a little bit of research we stumbled upon this AH-DORABLE little candy shop in Downtown Las Vegas owned by Paul and Barry, seriously the nicest guys ever! These guys have a keen eye for design and it is reflected utmost in the candy shop d├ęcor. The candy is given the spotlight housed in glass jars which is in stark contrast to the white walls and tables. Accents of pink dot the candy landscape giving it just the right touch of added whimsy.
Thanks Sweet Spot Candy Shop!! The candy is delicious…not that I would know or anything…heheh @SweetSpotDTLV
Our beautiful models for the day were Shyann (from ATS booth design fame) and Lauren (model extraordinaire). They smiled until their faces were sore and were the perfect ladies to model our watches. Such troopers. The shoot lasted all day, but I think we got some winners, so feast your eyes on these little lovelies….
Our photographer Lauren of Key Lime Photography (@keylimephoto) showing Shyann how a superbulous hair-flick should be done!


Shout out to Winky, Ray, and Lauren (Key Lime Photography) for being wonderful photographers!   Our Sweet Dreams full lookbook can be found on our website.