Thursday, November 14, 2013

Vanessa’s Sourcing Adventure in China Pt. 6 - The Extras

So this is just a post about the fun stuff. Where we got to stay, what I ate (and sometimes vomited back up), and what I saw.

      We were oh so fortunate to be riding around in luxury cars while in China. If I’m gonna get car sick I want it to be in a BMW with seats that recline down all the way down and have a footrest…
Our ballin suite at the Westin Hotel in Guangzhou. Complete with a huge living room that doubled as my bedroom, a foot massager, a huge shower with rain showerhead, and a bathtub with private television that overlooked the city. Thank you Ray and your magical platinum status.
My very own ballin suite at the Yihe Hotel in Guangzhou courtesy of the AMAZINGLY SWEET family friends of Ray. This is the view I got to wake up to every morning. Someone pinch me.
The fanciest dinner of my life courtesy of (again) the AMAZINGLY SWEET family friends of Ray. We got to eat this decadent dinner inside of the Pagoda restaurant. Someone pinch me.
Because I like my friends deep fried..YUM
A really fun shopping district in Guangzhou. The locals come to hang out, shop, and eat. A people after my own heart.
Winky’s sister got the cutest, tiniest puppy while we were there. Everyone meet Mocha Bear. A two week old toy poodle that is just the most adorable little puppy in the whole wide world. Ugh, I die. So stinkin cute.

I would personally like to thank everyone who made this trip so incredible from all of our factory reps, Winky’s family, Ray’s family friends, Sue and Tiffany. And most of all to Winky and Ray for giving me the first in what I hope will be many trips of a lifetime. Thank you for the incredible learning experience and ballin* status!

*I realize I've said "ballin" more times than is legally allowed but don't hate tha playa, hate tha game! Hahah...sorry.