Monday, June 1, 2015

An Interview with a Fan: Teacher Joyce Patzke

Joyce Patzke has been teaching for 18 years spanning across the United States. After graduating from Radford University, she jumped into the teaching field at full force. Se began in Virginia, transferred to Texas, and is not working in our home school district of Clark County, Las Vegas.  She has seen it all. Most importantly, she has seen her students grow up into mature, bright-eyed, young adults.

"As a teacher," she said,"you hope that you spark something in your student's lives: big or small." this has been her mantra throughout her teaching career; hoping to change a life in some small way, shape, or form. I then asked her what she felt was her favorite part of teaching.

"The notes." She said. When I prodded further she said that this was how she knew what her students really thought: both of her and their peers. It was the way they got to know one another.

"Being in fourth grade, they still haven't hit the age of cell phones and a lot of technology. They still pass notes. Not just to one another, but to me as well. It's nice to have a kid pass you a note that simply says, 'Thank You' on it." When I told her that Winky Designs was coming out with a unique teacher iconic slap watch, she was overjoyed.

"I actually have the red slap watch and love it! The kids love the colors too. I can't wait to get the new watch face!" She then continued on to tell me how she loved all the little icons on it. It really felt personalized with teachers in mind.

"It's great when the kids are being especially gross." She laughed. "The waterproof watch helps when you're a teacher and need to wash your hands...a lot! Getting sick simply isn't an option." I proceeded to ask her which icon on this functional watch meant the most to her.

"I really like the globe. It's a sign for teachers and has become a staple in an American classroom. It's also a sign that I would like to see education spread to these developing countries that do not have the same resources as we are blessed with here in America. It's a constant reminder to keep persevering everyday, even when it's hard."

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