Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Glamping, Winky Styles!

Hello my fellow fashionistas!
            Summer is here and so are all of the amazing trips we have planned! So let’s pitch a tent and sleep under the stars because today we are talking all about camping! Don’t run and hide, ladies! There is a way of camping in style. Yes, we have renovated the old style of camping with a little twist called Glamping (glamour camping, yes it is a thing!)!
We all know the essentials to survival such as water, food and shelter. However, how does a girl survive the intimidating thoughts of dirt, sweat, bugs and sweatpants? We've complied our top tips for Glamping, Winky style:
First off, we want to wear something comfortable! Girls, do not go wearing your favorite wedges! I promise you will regret this decision.  There are ways to be cute and comfortable. Here are our favorite tips:
  • Grab your favorite t-shirt, hoodie, or flannel! Graphic t-shirts are fun, fab, and comfy! The flannel and hoodie are must haves for later when the sun goes down and it gets a little chilly! Flannels are always trending and we know it! Until it gets cold tie that cute flannel or hoodie around your waist adding a little something to your outfit!
  • Grab your favorite bikini for a dip in the lake! Winky Designs has the most popular bikinis for the season, which we've renamed Wink-inis! Available in the brightest colors, you'll for sure stand out in the lake!
  • For the bottom half pull out those leggings, shorts or yoga pants! All three are perfect to move around in for hiking or relaxing by the lake with your favorite book! And let’s face it we love our leggings and yoga pants so why not find another excuse to wear them!
  • For shoes, grab some running shoes or even your favorite pair of combat boots! However, don’t forget your favorite pair of socks. My personal favorite would have to be my fuzzy socks! Who doesn’t love fuzzy warm socks??
Now onto makeup and face essentials! Let’s focus more on simple, long lasting makeup tips. We are going to be sweating a little more being outdoors and moving around.
  • Pack your favorite sunscreen especially a sunscreen specifically for the face. Your makeup bag essentials should include: BB cream or a tinted moisturizer, a small compact with powder just too set the BB cream to stay in place.
  • If you are like me and feel naked without mascara, then pack some waterproof mascara that can weather all conditions - rain or shine! This way you can sweat or swim and your lashes will stay in place. You could also grab a waterproof eyeliner if it is one of your essentials.
  • If you are a blush or bronzer lover then lean towards the cream blushes/bronzers for an extra glow!
Lastly, don’t forget to accessorize! Just because your camping doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize.
  • Grab a cute soft beanie and scarf to keep you warm in style!  My personal favorite is the Wrap of Life scarves, since they are versatile and transforms from a beach-cover up to a lightweight blanket to a scarf for chilly nights! Does also help that they are super soft and come in a variety of colors as well!
  • Winky Designs Mint Green Dolphin Scarf
  • You also Also bring a few items of jewelry. You don’t have to bring out your Tiffany ring but you can still add something to your glamping look. Winky can also provide you with cute dainty, stackable rings! These rings are plated with 18k Gold, Silver or Rose Gold! They are perfect to add a little something without being over the top! 
  • I need a watch to keep track of the time on a hiking expedition! Grab a watch (waterproof recommended) that would be perfect for any experience! Winky Designs' slap band watches have the luxury of being waterproof you can go jump in the lake without worrying about damaging your watch in the water, and you can mix and match different straps the s since the watch faces and straps are all interchangeable!
Jelly Turquoise Slap Watch to add an extra pop to your swimwear!
And there you have our top picks for being prepared in the wilderness! Remember ladies, you don't need to compromise your own style, to be an outdoor adventurist! Camp on!