Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Effort Without the Effort - 3 Simple Tips on Looking Your Best Everyday

“I have no time”!  That seems to be the exclamation of most days, not having any time for anything, not even looks. Well, have no fear - help is on the way! Or at least three helpful suggestions.

1) The hair.
            Believe it or not hair can completely change the look of an outfit. One could wear something as simple as sweat pants and look presentable by fixing up their hair. Now it does not have to be something super fancy because we are no Blake Lively, equipped with a personal hair stylist.
Stick with the basics and take the time to curl or straighten your hair. With the right tools it really won’t be that time consuming. If anything, there are great hair products out there to help make your natural hair look amazing with a simple spray. This is just a matter of spending ten minutes with your hair and then throwing on something quick and done.

A little side note for you, there is no actual way to perfectly curl your hair. What I would recommend is using a wand instead of a regular curling iron. I find that the wand is not only quicker in curling hair but it also helps so that they last longer. Also, the wand gives more of beach wave curl instead of the Little Bow Peep curls.

2) Make Up! 
Another great way to spice up your outfit without all the extra work. Now there is no need to put on every single product out there. The idea is to put on a few products to help highlight some key features. For example, add some eyeliner and mascara to make your eyes pop out more. A bit of cover up and concealer would not hurt either. Long days can lead to unwanted bags under the eyes. Overall it’s a matter of just making it a five- minute process if you stick to the basics!

3. Did someone say accessories!?

   If you have read our blog post before then maybe you remember our post on Top 10 Closet Essentials where we briefly mentioned how accessories help enhance an outfit.
In the last post you heard about our dainty rings well we also have great necklaces and earrings to match. Which is the best because they are all simple pieces that make a statement and help give your outfit some personality. Besides who doesn’t get distracted with some shiny jewelry? We know we do! It is one of the easiest ways to dress up an outfit with hardly an effort.

And just in case you don’t believe looking good can be done with little effort here is an example of how simple it truly is.
Natural straight hair; with a simple white tank and flowered kimono paired with scalloped trimmed black shorts; white sandals; basic eyeliner, mascara, and cover up; and to finish off the look some eye catching 18k plating silver jewelry from Winky Designs. I am rocking some of my favorite pieces such as the feather necklace that I layered with the bird necklace on top and let’s not forget the shiny V, Fox, and Stripe rings. Last but not least, there is also my all-time favorite piece and that is the watch on my wrist. Believe it or not, the Black Currant Sorbet Sweet Dream watch is all one-piece that wraps around only 3 times. Its’ lambskin leather and silver plating adds elegance to any outfit, and is found exclusively at Winky Designs! To be completely honest here this outfit was done on a day I was running late so, if I can put this together in under ten minutes so can you!

            While some of this may seem like a lot of work, the truth is, you are worth the time! Take this time for you and make yourself look good without really doing much. You deserve at least that for having to kick butt all day, so you might as well look good doing it.