Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dressing for Holiday Parties

Holidays are fast-approaching and coming along with it are all the parties! It's time to celebrate the great year you've had and welcome an even better upcoming year! So the dilemma - which may also be your everyday dilemma is - what to wear?

An fool-proof holiday party outfit idea, accessorized with a Winky Designs envelope clutch

The Office Soiree
Just in case you were unsure, DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT wear that dress you would wear to your friend’s party to the office party. It is never a good idea. Even if your dress may be super cute, the office party function will definitely be different than your friend's party. There is no need to go super flashy or anything. Think of your usual office clothing and just make that seem more festive. It is usually your safest bet and what they are typically expecting.
Tip: the ugly Christmas sweater is normally a huge hit and awesome conversation starter for awkward small talk!

The Family Get-Together
When it comes to family, remember these three little words - keep it classy. Family usually likes seeing you put together. A sweater dress is usually a good option here, especially if you wear it with some tights and boots. It may seem simply but it’s simple in a good way. With this outfit you can still look cute while still giving off the vibe your family wants. Classy with good taste.
Tip: "Mini"-anything is definitely out of the question, if you don't want to get a lecture from Grandma about showing too much skin!

The Friends' Festivities
A friend's party is a freedom party. When going to a party with friends, it is easier but hard at the same time. It is easy because you don’t have to worry as much about them judging that you will be wearing the wrong thing. However, it is harder because suddenly you have much more options to what you will wear. And let's face it, you want to make sure you will stand out. So let’s start narrowing down the options. For one, let's dress for the season, so I would recommend to stray away from the summer bright colors, and make sure you're warm. Next, no jeans or tees; it's not a normal day so why dress like it is one? Lastly, nothing that's going to be too skin tight; you'll probably have to eat and having muffin top in your skimpy dress is not the way you want to remember the night. Rummage your closet for the dress or outfit you feel most comfortable in! After all, it is your night to celebrate the holidays!
Tip: A long-sleeved dress is always a great idea, and remember to dress up your outfit with some awesome accessories! We've got some of our Winky Designs best sellers here, including cute clutches and dainty rings.

By now your options should have decreased and you probably already have the perfect outfits in mind. However, if by any chance you are left with no option, treat yourself and go shopping for some cute holiday dresses!  Happy Holidays!