Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Candy Stripers


According to Wiktionary, a candy striper is “one who cheers others up with their youthful exuberance.”  Attending NYIGF in our matching striped dresses, I felt our rainbow colored booth definitely put a smile on people’s faces. Who could resist cracking a smile when you’re surrounded by our fun and delicious collections (I couldn’t!)  Sunny days are here to stay at the Winky Designs booth - What do you think? ;)

If you were following our tweets yesterday @WinkyDesigns, you probably know that we’re across from iheartguts (I heart their heart plushie!), neighbors with Rose Randolph cookies (they make the most AMAZING(!!!) toffee cookies) and enjoying our shiny Glittertoos (my butterfly tattoo is still in tact!).  Stay tuned for more!  It’s our last day today and even though we’re sad to see it end, we’re looking forward to the next one :)