Friday, August 17, 2012

T - 1 to NYIGF!

NYIGF is almost here!  The WD team spent Thursday setting up our booth in the NY’s Newest section (we have a corner booth (#5632) this time so you should be able to spot us!)  We’re so excited to be showcasing our Fall 2012 collections with a brand new limited edition watches (hint: something elegant and found under the sea) and an extension pack of our beloved On the Rocks (check our Facebook page for sneak peeks!)  It’s only a matter of time before we reveal our additional styles to you so be on the look out.. like this 5 layer Blue Cosmo wrap :) 
While we’re all about working hard, we also love our food!  After spending half the day setting up, we headed over to W 38th & 8th ave for some BonChon Chicken.  I think we can safely say we’re addicted!  Any other BonChon lovers out there? (Don’t know what it is?  Click here to see the deliciousness!) 
* We’ll be live tweeting and uploading pics on facebook/instagram while we’re at the tradeshow so follow us to see what cool new things we see there!
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