Saturday, October 26, 2013

Vanessa’s Sourcing Adventures in China Pt. 2

A lot of people say they love traveling but I doubt they ever mean the act of traveling. I mean a 14 hour flight is certainly not MY idea of a good time. But armed with some Dramamine and music, I thought I was all set. Little did I know I was in for some turbulent weather! Allow me to go down the laundry list of some of the headaches I encountered:
  • Flight delayed enough that I would miss my connecting flight to Hong Kong
  • Poor Ray up in the middle of the night trying to book me another flight but NOTHING was available
  • Told I still had a chance to catch my connecting flight but when I got there was told it was long gone.
  • Had to complain to an agent to get a comp’d room for the night.
  • Waited 4 hours in the airport for my luggage to find out they can’t find it
  • It was freezing cold where I was and I sure wasn’t dressed for it
  • Originally booked a window seat but when I rebooked all that was left was a middle seat(hey, it was a looooong 14 hour flight!)
Despite the tough time getting to Hong Kong (and the fact I missed a whole day) I’m grateful to be here! I’m blessed to have a day of sightseeing before doing some actual work so without further ado, I give you my first photos:
Just sayin...
Beautiful Hong Kong from The Peak
In contention to be the CUTEST DIM SUM EVER…
...with this one!
Apparently they celebrate Halloween in Hong Kong
All this cute food is killing me! Aww….piggy!
Classic HK dumplings, crispy fish skin (tastes better than it sounds, I promise), and french toast. Don’t let that hot oil fool you, it will burn a hole in your stomach!