Saturday, January 11, 2014

Down the Rabbit Hole

My outfits are never well thought out or pre-planned; they are more…accidental creations, if you will. With the New Year off to a fun, crazy start and the weather beautiful here in Las Vegas, I was able to get away with wearing my vintage-looking high waist shorts. I nicknamed this outfit my “Modern Day Alice” look. When reading a book, you’re supposed to picture the characters in your mind and I like to go a step further and imagine them in more modern times (reading is good for your noggin).This is something I could see Alice wearing as an everyday outfit in today's world. Retro, but with an old-timey feel and awesome heels! After that slip of inner nerdiness, I give you this week's style guide!
Who doesn't like the look of a bandana or a cotton hankie hangin' out the back pocket? Thought I'd add a new twist and I used a beautiful purple scarf instead.
Who can say no to purple Mary Jane heels?!? They were on sale for less than ten bucks.
I call this watch my silent cheerleader. Positioned in front of a photograph of pink cherry blossoms is a simple word: “FAITH”. When I look down at it, I’m reminded to never lose faith in myself. I’m stronger than I know and whatever twists and turns life has for me, I can face them head on. Cue epic music! 

Luck was on my side when I found these shorts. It was the last pair in my size. ‘Twas a match made in heaven. 
I bought this shirt at Walmart and it’s a no-name-brand waffle knit undershirt. I say this with much pride: It only cost $5.99. But look how cute it is paired with these shorts!
The locket was a gift from a girl friend of mine, and she got soooo many brownie points for finding this homemade treasure for me. Love you Brandi ; )  
New Year’s resolutions have never been my thing but this year I took inspiration from one of my favorite books, Alice in Wonderland. So with that said, this will be my saying for the year:

In 2014, I won't lose FAITH in myself even when my dreams seem so big and I feel so small. 

Black Long Sleeved Shirt $5.99:  Walmart 
Words of Wisdom Faith Watch $30:  Winky Designs
Alice Vintage Style Locket Necklace $16.50:  Etsy
Blue Jean High Waisted Shorts $16:  Wet Seal 
Purple Neon Fireworks Scarf $30:  Winky Designs 
Purple Mary Jane High Heels $9:  Hottie