Monday, January 20, 2014

With All This Talk About New Year's Resolutions....

It’s almost the end of the first month of 2014 (the year is flying by!) and everyone is already hard at work trying to enact their resolutions for the New Year. This means all that weight we gained during the holidays are quickly being burned off at the gym (at least for the first few weeks of January), we are desperately trying to fight the urge to smoke whenever we get stressed out (or have a really filling dinner! Dang, there goes resolution #1…), and avoid the mall and all the pretty clothes like the plague (gotta save that dinero and pay off these student loans). The team here at Winky Designs compiled our own list of the good, bad, and the ugly that we hope to change and accomplish in the NEW YEAR! Drum roll please...

Winky: In 2014, I HOPE to start a family and triple the growth of Winky Designs!
(Not her baby, she probably stole him lol)

Ray: In 2014, I HOPE to be healthy and stay in shape while eating my face off with foods from all around the world.

 Vanessa: In 2014, I HOPE to make it through my classes alive and with all A’s! I’m comin for ya Valedictorian status!

Robyn: In 2014, I HOPE to lose weight to feel great (more so to fit into my old clothes), be more organized, swear less, SMILE MORE, continue my spiritual walk, read more to keep my mind sharp.  

Silvya: In 2014, I HOPE for great health, focus on myself, gain self-control and to not worry as much. Live one day at a time!

Alexa: In 2014, I HOPE for good health.

  Lauren: In 2014, I HOPE for an engagement ring and to accomplish success in my new career path.
Lisette: In 2014, I have FAITH that after I graduate I will find a career where I not only love what I do, but will allow me to travel all over the world. 
Jesus: In 2014, I HOPE I accomplish all of my business goals and end the year with total success.

Gedalya: In 2014, I HOPE to take control and make it the year I always dreamed of. Every year I always say that "this year is a step in the right direction". I want to let go a little and prove to myself that I can just put trust in new decisions and take some risks. I want this year to be one I look back at and say 2014 was my first stress free year where all I did was grow and accomplish greatness. And I really do believe this is "that" year.
Gummy: In 2014, I HOPE to eat more chicken!
Opie: In 2014, I HOPE to help my mommy and daddy by becoming the best special needs dog out there!