Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Catching Up With Style Blogger Esmirna Tapia of Platforms for Breakfast

Last year we found and fell in love with Platforms for Breakfast because of Esmirna's sincere writing and bilingual approach, which coupled with her beautiful style pics, makes for a winning combo. We give this budding fashionista-force-to-be-reckoned-with a round of applause as she conquers 2014 as one of the rising stars in the blogging world. We recently caught up with the “San Diego beach babe living in the deserts of Arizona” for a candid talk about her personal style and personal aspirations.

Winky Designs: How would you describe your style?
Esmirna Tapia: I would describe my style as always changing. I'm not one to follow trends, so one day I can be completely boho chic, and the next very edgy with a pair of combat boots! My outfits show the world my personality without having to say one word, and that's what I love about fashion- you can be unpredictable and have fun with it! 

W.D.:  Do you see a difference in your style now in Arizona as compared to when you lived in Cali?
E.T.: There is such a different vibe in the desert versus being near the beach, and everyone's style here reflects it. People in Arizona walk around in shorts and tank tops almost year round, while in San Diego, you still have that humidity and cloudy days where you can wear skinny jeans and sweaters. When I first moved here 3 years ago, I came with oversized coats and beanies. Now, half of my closet is flowy cardigans and dresses. I've learned to style pieces together that I would have never thought looked good together because I have such variety in my wardrobe now. I know more about what looks better on my body type, along with many other tips and tricks that help me get dressed quicker every morning! 

W.D.: Who/what is your biggest style influence?
E.T.: My biggest style influences are the Olsen twins and fashion magazines. I feel like I can relate to Mary-Kate and Ashley more because they are petite and wear similar items as I do; they too love the oversized feel of certain clothing pieces, and style high-end items with cheaper ones. Magazines let me know what trends are out there; they inspire me to put together outfits that also show off my personal style. 

W.D.: What is your favorite Winky Designs product and how would/did you rock it?
E.T.: My favorite Winky Designs product was the True Teal Sequin Clutch because besides being gorgeous, it has tons of room for all of your necessities for a night (or day!) out! I paired it with my favorite holiday dress and simple black heels for a stylish touch to an evening of family fun!
(You can check out the blog post featuring our sequin clutch here)
W.D.: We here at Winky Designs are all about inspiring self-expression through our joyful designs and helping other achieve their dreams. What is your resolution for 2014?
E.T.: While I have not always been good about keeping my resolutions, this year has been much more different. I want to learn how to LOVE myself and those who surround me more, I want to keep writing about my life through my blog, make a name for myself, and I want to have faith in things I never really believed in before. I have many hopes and dreams that I want to fulfill, and I know I will because I am just getting started!
We wish you all the luck in this upcoming year Esmirna as you dare to dream and achieve your goals! Hopefully we see you at Magic Feb. ’14 in Vegas blogging about all the hottest up and coming brands!

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