Thursday, January 23, 2014

To All the Men Out There, These Dates Are What Your Girl REALLY Wants This Valentine's Day!

What’s a better day to express your feelings with a loved one than Valentine’s Day? This Valentine’s Day, show the person you love that you really adore them by sharing special moments. To parade the wonderful feeling of love and display your style of emotion, we’ve come up with romantic dates ideas that your darling will cherish forever.  Make your honey smile and brighten her day by choosing one of our thoughtful suggestions that fits the personality of your girl.  Ladies, don't be afraid to pass these cute date ideas to your men!

The Foodie:
  • Educate your wine palate by attending a wine festival or tasting at your local winery. In addition to wine tastings, chefs and gourmet-food vendors will be on hand to hand out samples of their goods and educate foodies.  Nothing like a good glass of wine to spice things up!
  • Have a candlelit dinner for yours truly.  To make a special concept, recreate your first dinner together followed by her favorite desert. YUM!  Don’t forget to set the mood with flowers, candles and her favorite music in the background.
  • Take a cooking class.  No matter where you are, restaurants and local schools offer cooking classes that are informative and fun!  Find one that suits your woman whether it be Italian, Japanese, or vegetarian classes. You guys will cover everything from ingredients to prep work, and most importantly of the night, you will be savoring every last bite with your lovely lady.
The Artsy:
  • Take the day to explore your local art museum.  To make it interesting, plan a day ahead and make a scavenger hunt out of it with a special gift waiting for her at the end.
  • Go to an art festival. To surprise her, let her pick out something that she loves.
  • Accompany each other to a night at the local pottery studio. There are many that offer date nights filled with wine and appetizers while you create your artwork.

The Adventurous:

  • Plan a short romantic retreat to go skiing at a lodge nearest you.  If you can’t make it out of town or don’t have the funds, go sledding and be sure to cozy up and share the sled together. After freezing your buns off, be sure to spend the rest of the night near a roaring fire getting nice and toasty.
  • Head to your nearest nature park for a romantic hike in the woods just before sunrise or sunset to savor those first or last rays of sunshine with your honey. Don’t forget to bring a picnic blanket, snacks, and a bottle of bubbly to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery together.
  • Ice skating is a great date with your loved one. You can be affectionate, hold hands, and have a conversation while still being active and silly. After you’re all skated out, cuddle up next to a fire with a yummy cup of hot chocolate to warm up.

The Homebody:
  • There’s no need to leave home when the stars are in your own backyard.  Have dinner and fun drinks under the nighttime sky in the comfort of your jammies.  There is no denying romance when snuggling under a blanket and wishing on a star!
  • Surprise her with an unexpected feast on the rooftop.  Grab a ladder, find a stable surface, and set up a charming dinner for two that will certainly be unforgettable.
  • Personalize a cuddle kit.  Display your admiration for the night with a fun filled basket of her favorite snacks, a cozy throw, candles, a chick flick or whatever inspires your love for one another to make for a night to remember.