Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 Ways to Look Good While Being Lazy

Let me start by saying that if I didn't need to get up and look decent this morning I wouldn't have. With Bruno Mars's Lazy Song in my head and a reluctant pep-in-my-step, I mustered up the strength to get ready. So here is my 5 step guide to getting ready…The Lazy Way !

Step 1: Your makeup should be clean and minimilistic. Start with your base (foundation and concealer). For my eyes, I did a simple cat eye but started mid lid and swept it out. Lightly pencil in your eyebrows and finish your look with a neutral blush and powder. Adding a brightly colored lipstick will complete your look and give the illusion of effort.

Step 2: Obviously you have infinite ideas for your hair, but put all those aside and think about this: What goes with everything, is easy, and won't drive you nuts all day? My go-to hair style is what I call the "Cinnamon Twist". It's easy, takes me no more then a few minutes, and can be worn a multitude of ways. A few bobby pins, tease, a twist, a few more pins, and I'm ready to dress!

Step 3: To complete the look-unfortunately the pajamas have to go. Don't skimp on the comfort, you can still look cute and be snug as a bug! Grab your favorite comfy pair of straight legged jeans (not too tight but not baggy) and a cute sweater. I chose my halfsie sweater, put a simple black tank under, and tucked it in.

Step 4: This will be your most important step to complete the look. I like to call this my junk jewelry swap. That doesn't mean it isn't quality, it's just not real gold or silver and won't cost an arm and a leg. Wearing watches help me avoid putting on bracelets that i'll magically sling off my wrist when I am talking with my hands throughout the day (Italian's smh), so watch it is! Pairing your earrings with your lipstick also adds a contrast of color so your outfit isn't a snore. Last but not least comes the necklace. Because of my short sweater, I grabbed a long hanging necklace to draw the eye.


Step 5: I have what I like to call "crack paranoia". If I look in the mirror and bend over and there is even a possibility of something showing, the belt goes on. It's lazy day so sneakers are the obvious choice.

VoilĂ , those are the steps to a lazy outfit. If any of that takes you more then minutes, give up and go back to bed ;P.  

Emypre Halfsie sweater: $19.95 Zumiez
Forever 21 Jeans: $10.80 Forever 21
BlackBerry Galette: $100.00 Winky Designs
White Classic Belt: $25.00 Winky Designs
Heart earrings: $4.80 Forever 21
Necklace: $5.95  Teenz & 20's