Wednesday, February 26, 2014

4 Things I've Learned About Fashion Modeling

This week we did a swimsuit shoot (say that five times in a row) for our summer lookbook on our slap watches. So instead of the typical style guide I’ll give you a behind the scenes look on what it’s like modeling for Winky (with of course some of my bikini pictures ;)). It’s actually really fun! I’ve never really modeled before, nor am I built like one. The key to modeling is being comfortable with the person shooting you, and of course yourself. If you're not happy in your own skin or aren’t confident in who you are…it’ll show on your photographs. I’ve gotten pretty good on picking up what Winky wants for her photo shoots. For example, she’ll smile behind the camera which is my cue to cheese-it-up. Honestly, I usually can’t help but giggle when she does it, which in turn gives us genuine pictures. Winky isn’t afraid to tell me when I’m doing an unflattering pose or if I need to suck it in. Hey, I’d rather she tell me than see it later on the blog or website and wonder what the heck I was doing. Yes our photo shoots have a purpose. But it’s also fun and exciting to find new places to shoot…and it’s an excuse for us to take a breather outside of the office for a while! 

It was a nice warm day here...the water not so much. I thought my legs were gonna fall off in the pool! 

Summer is just around the corner and we figured what better way to show that the slap watches are water resistant (up to approx 98 feet) than doing a swimsuit shoot. We also used our scarves as sarongs to show their versatility. This is my tenth shoot with Winky and since this doesn't come naturally for me I thought I'd share some tips I've picked up along the way.

1. Keep moving and give your photographer some variety. When I run out of ideas I just do something goofy. Winky will usually have me move to a different area and have me do it again 'til she gets the shot she wants.

2. To make it look very unnatural. If Winky tells me to look away, and if I look too far away all you see is the white of my eyes. So I'll look a half a foot above her head and to the left or right depending on my angle. Did you think was actually looking at something? Most the time I'm looking at a trash can, or a weird spot on the wall.


3. Frankie says Relax! - You have to be very relaxed when you're modeling or the pictures will look forced. I still have some trouble with getting my hand placement just right. Here's a tip for hand models: Don't spread your fingers apart or make a fist, cause it ends up looking awkward and dismembered. I'm still working on it too and I'll get it right one of these days (I hope!).  


4. Have fun! No one's perfect so let loose like no one's watching. You never know, you may even surprise yourself. 

Shyann and I had a blast doing the photo shoot together at the Artisan hotel pool. Did you know thats it's a topless pool? I wasn't aware...until I saw a completely naked lady less then 3 feet from us! I also didn't know topless meant completely nude either. And that's all she wrote!