Friday, February 21, 2014

Catching Up With Blogger Signe of The Daily Savant

We came upon this lovely lady's blog last year and was immediately smitten. Signe of The Daily Savant blog fame is a self described "world traveler, stylist/blogger, climber of castles, and Oreo enthusiast" and that's when we knew we had to work with her. We love her for her sense of adventure (not to mention sense of humor!), funtastic style, and her joie de vivre which she communicates through her sense of style and honest writing. We sat down with Signe to ask her some hard hitting questions (spoiler alert: throwing darts is a great way to plan your next getaway!) that we were dying to know and knew our fans would love to hear too, so pull up a seat and join us as we get to know Signe a little better.

Winky Designs: Describe your personal style.
Signe: My personal style is always changing. In the last decade, I've  gone through grunge/skater, vintage, nothing-but-Juicy-tracksuits, and a little something I liked to call “city chic” when I lived in Manhattan. I am currently feeling a sort of conservative hippie/bohemian vibe that I’d love to take and run with, but my day job as a dancer/instructor requires me to live in leggings and things I can move in, so I've had to curb my style a bit.

W.D.: You've worn our Milk White Slap Watch quite a few times on your blog (THANKS!); which was your fav look?
Signe: Oh gosh… I live in this watch!  My students are all super young and have never seen a slap bracelet, so they love watching me slap it and all want to give it a go! I have two favorite looks with this watch. The first was a hippie look from January and the second was a super comfy, bohemian-feeling outfit that I was able to wear to dance in a few weeks ago….

W.D.: Has your wanderlust affected your style any?
Signe: My wanderlust has absolutely affected my style. I love to travel and I love to observe people, and I especially love to observe the people that live in the places to which I travel. I take lots of style cues from my travels, though they don’t always translate the way I’d like them to in my tiny village or on the air base.

W.D.: What was your favorite trip in all your travels and why? Any great tips to share with us and our readers?
Signe: I think my favorite trip was actually before I officially moved to Germany. I visited Soldier Boy (my significant other) right before he deployed last holiday season and we traveled all over the place. We spent New Year’s Eve in Prague and I cannot think of a better place to have rung in the new year. There were fireworks everywhere and the architecture was stunning! We've really been slacking on traveling lately since we've both been uber busy working, but are going to start literally throwing a dart at the map and going wherever it lands whenever we get a long weekend! Our last dart landed on Greece, so we’re busy planning our getaway!

W.D.: You’re pretty open with your readers, do you ever feel any hesitation about what you share/how much to share?
Signe: I definitely do feel some hesitation to share things with readers, but at the same time, blogging can be incredibly therapeutic and is the only way I can get feelings out. Since I moved to Germany in July, I got caught up in the rush to find a job, to get my visa and avoid deportation, and then I started working full-time, so I haven’t had a ton of opportunity to meet new people and with the time difference between here and sweet home Chicago, it’s been difficult to stay in touch with my friends at home. I've had a hard time with depression for the better part of my life, and only really started dealing with it head-on a couple of years ago. I've had a tough time connecting with people here and know that mental illness is something of a stigma to the military community, so I tend to stay quiet about it with people here and save my brain explosions, ups and downs with cyberspace. I try to preface posts that are going to be brutally honest about anything iffy, but I've yet to really have a super negative reaction to any of them.
W.D.: Thank you Signe for being so candid with us! We applaud your bravery in dealing with depression and we urge anyone also going through tough times in their lives to talk to someone about it. Psych Central is a great place online to find support groups with others dealing with mental health issues.

W.D.: What personal goals and aspirations do you have for 2014?
Signe: In 2014, I want to learn more about myself and about the world. I've found that I go in and out of these phases where I feel totally connected with myself and then end up feeling like a stranger in my skin. I’d really hoped that by now, I’d know myself pretty darn well, but I’m a mystery even to myself! I've also noticed that my travels have done quite a bit to shape me on a core level, so I'd like to continue traveling so that I can continue to grow as a person with something resembling global awareness!

Thank you again Signe for taking time out of your very busy schedule to sit down with us. We're excited to see what the future has in store for you and wish you the best with your travels and life with Soldier Boy! We'll be waiting in anticipation for your next lovely post on The Daily Savant!

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