Saturday, February 22, 2014

Home Sweet Home - Partnering with the Animal Foundation

Instead of a style blog this week, I’m announcing our new partnership with The Animal Foundation of Las Vegas! At Winky Designs, we are huge animal lovers (who isn’t?!) and so when Winky assigned me the task of seeking out a local charity for a long-term partnership, animals were the first thing that came to mind. The Animal Foundation has been in Las Vegas for over 35 years and currently operates and manages an 8-acre Las Vegas campus that houses a multitude of services and provides a refuge for more than 45,000 lost, unwanted, neglected and abandoned animals every year. Each animal here has a story of love, loss, and we always hope at the end, triumph.

We met with the Animal Foundation a couple of weeks ago, and they graciously gave us a tour and showed us all the work they've been doing for these animals. We figured that the best way to help them was to design two brand-new watches specifically for The Animal Foundation, a dog and a cat themed slap watch (available in white and black colors). The watches will be carried in our store and online starting around mid-March. For every watch sold at $40, we'll be donating $20 to help The Animal Foundation care for the animals that they take in and to fund their many programs. So sorry guys! No fashion this week, but I think you’ll like this shoot just as much…if not more. 

This sweet little girl is named Kim Yu-Na (named after an Olympic skater who just took home a silver medal). She was super shy, and was hiding under her blanket when we first found got to her cage!  She was hesitant to come out at first, but once we got her into the play area she immediately climbed into my lap and settled in. I’m not usually a big chihuahua fan but she was so sweet that it took a lot of strength to not stick her in my purse and hope my husband didn’t notice when I got home. 

This next dog is called Gandalf after the Lord of the Rings character (presumably due to his white beard?!?) and he was so stinkin' cute! I could have melted into those big brown eyes of his and daydreamed of rings ;)  (Update: it looks as if Gandalf was adopted recently! Yay!)

Seriously...look at this adorable face! 

Big Momma lived up to her name...she almost knocked me down a few times! She has both a brown and a blue eye, and a beautiful black spot over her blue eye which made her look like she was a pirate with an eye patch on :) She was just stunningly unique and had a great personality right from the start!

This beautiful lady is Mia Hamm. When people say pit bulls are vicious...I can't help but laugh! Oh Mia! You're soo "scary" you have me shaking in my boots! Pitbulls are one of the most misunderstood breeds due to their reputation from bad people who use these dogs in dogfights. Pitbulls actually have very sweet temperaments and make amazing companions.  Pitbulls are one of the most common breeds in dog shelters, and they all need homes!

Preview of our "Dog" Iconic slap watches (available in both black and white).  Each number is a silhouette of a different breed - can you identify them all?
Winky and I must've had a lot of strength not to take all these adorable faces home!  Currently the animal foundation is having a winter olympic sale and you can take one of these cute animals home for $50 off the normal adoption fee. Don't hesitate and go now!

After meeting all the dogs in the shelter, we went to see the cats! One of the kitties which immediately caught our eye was Amy Von. She's the softest kitty you will ever have the privilege to lay your hands on. She was also wary of us at first but soon warmed up when I picked her up and gave her some TLC!
 Here's a sneak preview of our "Cat" Iconic slap watches (available in both black and white).  Each number is a silhouette of a silly cat in a different position.  We especially love the ball of yarn symbol at 12 o'clock! So cute and it makes the perfect gift for cat lovers!

Now that you have been overloaded with cuteness (you're welcome), next time when you're in need of another fuzzy baby, hopefully you'll remember these faces and adopt from The Animal Foundation. The adoption fees are really reasonable and the animal is guaranteed to have up-to-date shots, spay/neuter taken care of, and have also passed all behavioral tests with both humans and other animals. For more information check out the Animal Foundations adoption page here.  Thanks for listening!