Tuesday, June 24, 2014

14 Amazing Blog and Social Media Accounts We Adore

Amidst the summer travels there lies one essential truth: long layovers at the airport suck. There are only so many times you can hit up the Hudson News stand to check out the latest Kimye gossip, so before boredom sets in, do yourself a favor and peep these blogs and accounts we’re currently obsessed with. They’re sure to make you laugh, cry, or make the light bulb over your head turn on (hopefully all three). Have fun!

1.  Menswear Dog
A shiba inu wearing gentlemanly clothes. ‘Nuff said.
Photo courtesy of Menswear Dog

Who knew pizza could be HI-larious?! Us and 76,000 other people, that’s who! The guy behind the DiGiorno Twitter account is absolutely bonkers, in the BEST way possible.

How fun would it be to have a slide for a staircase or underwater bedroom? We know, totally awesome right! Awesome Inventions has us thinking of ways we’re going to decorate our mansions when we make our first billion.

The quirky beauty behind the brains of Man Repeller is both a feast for the sartorialist eye and will likely make you squirt milk from your nose. Serious fashionistas need not apply.
Photo courtesy of Manrepeller 

Crane and Canopy’s delightfully gorgeous home linens are straight “home porn”. Their bedroom sets are what our home d├ęcor dreams are made of.
Photo courtesy of Crane and Canopy

Nicole Warne aka Gary Pepper travels the world dressed in perfection, natch. Whether traipsing through the fields of lavender in Provence, France or exploring the pink lakes of Australia, Gary Pepper has us dreaming in color right alongside her.

Roku and loveable wifey, Hachi, are arguably the most adorable cats of IG. Their daily pics have us giggling at their spunky personalities and creative outfits.

Signe is who we imagine our brand Winky Designs would be if she were a, well, she. She’s beautifully honest, quirky, and a world traveler. Check out our interview with Signe here.

Who says cartoons are only for kids? Allie, the cartoonist behind the blog, is both staggeringly hilarious, poignant, and has the drawing abilities of a 5 year old. Believe us, that was meant as a compliment.
Artwork courtesy of Hyperbole and a Half

From industrial design to typography to photography, the Inspiration Feed gives us fuel for days when we’re running low on creativity.

Miss Enocha is one stylish mama jama and we can’t help but stand in awe of her fierceness, amazing head wraps, and soulful voice. Check out our interview with her here.

It’s no surprise we love dessert. I mean, come on, we named a whole collection around them! So whenever our sweet tooth attacks, we head over to Roxanas Baking’s sweet tooth board and visually pig out.
Photo courtesy of Roxana's Baking

We get a lot of our inspiration from everyday women (well, that and desserts) and Easy Fashion Paris has no shortage of chic Parisian women to admire. Classic never goes out of style!
Photo courtesy of Easy Fashion Paris

Seeing Tim Siedell’s tweets on our timeline always brightens our day with a dose of current events and much needed laughter.