Wednesday, September 9, 2015

5 Hidden Gems in Las Vegas for All Travelers

What kind of traveler are you?  We’re always looking for new things to do and explore in our own 
neighborhoods!  Whether you are an adventure-lover or a history-buff, here are our recommendations to
explore the lesser-known wonders of Las Vegas area in a variety of ways! 

Are you an adventurist?  If the continuous search for the newest outdoor craze is what’s on the forefront of 
your mind, this might be you!  Whether it is camping, hiking, watersports, or looking for exciting festivals, 
you’re always looking for the next adventure! 
Travel tip: Red Rock Canyon ( is only a 30-minute drive from the 
Las Vegas Strip and encompasses a breathtaking amount of the Mojave Desert. Offering a variety of 
hikes from beginner to expert, you’ll be able to see the unique landscape with your own eyes! 

Are you an pro-relaxer? Your day-to-day life is always go, go, go, so when you get some time off, you just want 
to relax! Grabbing a book and hitting the nearest beach, poolside villa, or all-inclusive resorts where you don’t 
have to bring your brain is your best bet!
Travel tip: Green Valley Ranch ( is a Mediterranean-inspired hotel 
and resort that's perfect for all your relaxing needs! With a number of pools, an imitation beach, and 
several cabanas to choose from, you'll be able to get your well-deserved R&R here! The view overlooking 
the Las Vegas strip is not too shabby either!

Green Valley Ranch Pool Area that overlooks the Las Vegas Strip

Are you a shopaholic? Fashionistas are constantly looking for good finds whether it is high fashion, vintage 
stores, or small local boutiques, to stand out and find their own style!
Travel tip: Downtown Container Park ( on Fremont St is such a 
hidden gem within Las Vegas, offering owner-operated boutiques that are inspired by their own styles! 
Not only do you find the owners working in shops, living out their passions every day, you’ll be supporting
small businesses!
Downtown Container Park, Fremont St and 7th Ave.

Are you a history-buff? Loving to find out why and how things are the way they are, you keep an special eye 
out for famous landmarks and finding the importance of the places you visit!
Travel tip: Neon Museum ( will introduce you to the whole history of 
Las Vegas! Did you know that the first luxury casino concept – where you can play, eat, and shop 
comfortably - was developed here in Las Vegas?  

Are you a family-lover? With a couple of kids in tow, you need to find something that offers everything for the 
whole family!
Travel tip: Springs Preserve ( offers 180 acres of wildlife, 
educational exhibits, and interactive attractions and scenery to have some enlightening fun! Learn about 
desert habitats while exploring their exquisite botanical gardens!

With such a wide variety of activities, it's always a good time to venture outside of the Las Vegas Strip to 
explore the road less-traveled!