Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Style Guide: How to Wear the Colors of 2016, Rose Quartz & Serenity

Trying to wear the new colors of the year - rose quartz and serenity - when you're so used to wearing nothing but dark colors? No worries when you are a true fashionista, it is not impossible, it is an awesome chance to show off your skills!

Please do not start panicking because no one ever said you have to wear the color head-to-toe. If your closet, like most closets, mainly consists of white, grey, and black, mixed with a slight hint of navy or burgundy then, dont worry - there is hope.

Ever heard the word accessory? They were made for a reason. Just think of that nice cozy grey sweater sitting in your closet right now. Why not run out to get a rose quartz beanie or scarf?  Is there a flattering black dress that you always feel good in? Well, accessorize with a serenity color necklace to update the outfit!  Continue like this, and thinking small could lead to a huge impact on your outfit of the day.

Here at Winky Designs, we have our super fun water-resistant Slapwatches. Did you know that the slap watch faces and slap band straps are all interchangeable? Our Ice Blue Strap is a match for the cool Serenity shade. The best part is, once the trend is over, you can always change the strap to wear another stand-out color like yellow and purple, or stick with basics like white and black!

Now if you are feeling like you need a bigger change, consider adding some rose quartz and serenity to your hair. Rainbow hair is very up and coming these days! These colors complement each other very nicely and with the right attitude and style can be the best way to showcase your fashion abilities in adding some color to your wardrobe.

Some advice to remember: while wanting to stay trendy, always remember that as fun as they are it is always better to take inspiration and then make it your own. Now that youre more comfortable with adding small splashes of color, like rose quartz and serenity, try adding prints. Knowing how to mix colors and prints together still show your personality in your wardrobe and also keep your fashion senses from getting dull. Have fun experimenting!

Comment below on how you would like to add the colors of the year to your wardrobe!