Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"You Need To Relax"

    “Take a deep breathe. Hold it. Okay. Now breathe out.” How often do you hear yourself repeating it to yourself throughout the day? Nowadays, the average person is running around like crazy due to an endless to-do list! We are simply in the age of multi-tasking. Constantly being on the go actually poses the question of: How do I relax?

    How many people can really give a response to this question?  Personally, Ive never been able to give an answer to that question. Being a natural busy-body, I find it weird when I’m not running around or stressing about something. It actually feels as if I’m missing or forgetting something, so its an unsettling feeling! When I find myself with time to just sit down, my mind is still racing back and forth, making mental to-do lists and tasks I need to accomplish. If it is not that, I am scrambling around trying to visit friends I haven’t seen because I am always at work. My friends are always the first to say, you need to relax”, and give me these suggestions:
    1. Go for a massage or spa day:  lets be real not everyone, certainly not most 21-year olds like myself, can afford something this fancy! If only I was one of the Kardashians, right?
    2. Drink tea to detox:  Im not much of a tea person so preeetty much a write-off. Replacing team with some other hot beverage like coffee is not an option either, since Im already a coffee-addict!
    3. Watch Netflix and eat ice cream: Netflix is a slippery slope! It takes great self-discipline to stop binge watching the newest Netflix original. 
    4. Meditate: to this suggestion, I sayhow many people actually know how to meditate correctly? I just sit there, cross-legged, and continue to think about my life as a headless-chicken. Help!
    So here I am. A stubborn person who apparently has an issue with relaxing because I am pride myself in being a productive person that contributes to society. In my case, I do not want to stop.

    When it is not about work, what I want to do with my time is enjoy life. Why wouldn’t I? I look for my friends because I miss them and would rather have adventures with them than take a bubble bath.

    I may still think of whats going on in the week but that’s because I know things may change so I want to prepare to accept that there are other outcomes and possibilities to a situation. It may seem like I’m never stopping but the truth is I would much rather keep going and enjoy life while I can because this idea of what relaxing is isn’t for me. I choose to do what I can while I can because life is short and I choose to seize the day!