Thursday, January 30, 2014

Top 5 Reasons Why You Still Need a Watch in Your Life

1. Your watch can be as unique as you are!

Are you a trendsetting fashionista? Vintage vixen? Goth girl obsessed with Hello Kitty? Whatever your style, I guarantee you there’s a watch out there to fit your style. It’s no surprise self-expression is commonly reflected in how we dress ourselves so why not include it in the accessories we wear? That’s why we at Winky Designs got in the watch designing biz; we wanted quality watches that expressed our unique style without breaking our piggy bank.
2. While it might be rude to break out your phone in a meeting or during a date, an indiscreet turn of your wrist never hurt nobody!
“Hey hey, put your phone away!” Don’t be impolite and check your phone when the situation dictates you pay attention. Yes, even when you’re counting the minutes until you can get the heck outta there. A watch allows you to follow the rules of politeness and still be aware of the seconds ticking by (sometimes super slowly if you happen to be in a boring class or meeting…ugh)
3. Sometimes you just need a break from your cellphone…
Facebook updates, calls from your parents asking where you are, work emails- can’t a girl get a little peace and quiet around here?! Sometimes we just need to unplug from the world for a moment and break up with our phones for a few hours. Go for a peaceful hike or read a great book in the small cafĂ© around the corner, but know what time you need to get plugged back in with a wristwatch. Cause ya know, ignoring all those work updates for too long might get you fired!
4. Because you grew up wearing one so why stop now?

It’s a nostalgia thing. As kids we grew up wearing cute Pokemon or My Little Pony watches (some still might..I don’t judge) and it kinda became a part of us. Sometimes I talk to friends about why they still wear watches (yes, I’m a nerd) and they’d simply respond that they would feel incomplete without one. Plus, what if the hot guy passing you by on the street wants to hit on you by asking the time and you just oh so happened to forget your phone at home or your phone died, then what do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?! …a watch would definitely help.
5. You can’t go swimming or take a shower with your phone now can you?
…but you can with our fun and unique slap watches! Our Winky slap watches are water resistant up to about 98 feet so that means you can go frolic on the beach and swim with the dolphins. Afterwards, go rinse off the sand from your body all while never taking off your cute watch! Too cool, right? I suggest you be prepared to get a lot of eyes on you because people are gonna want to know where you got your watch from (and also because you’re so hot in your cute new bikini).