Thursday, January 30, 2014

What to Wear for Valentine's Day ♡

I love my husband dearly but getting him to compliment me on an outfit I'm wearing is basically impossible. I dream of one day coming down the staircase ready for a date, my husband waiting for me at the bottom with a huge grin of approval on his face and flowers in his hand (or maybe sitting on a lawn mower). Yes my fantasies come straight out of a cheesy 80's movie…yes I'm a nerd and that is A-okay! Don't get me wrong, the look he gave me when I walked down the aisle will last me a lifetime, but I'm sure we all feel this way at some point in our lives. What I took away from this was to dress for myself. Getting dressed up and looking snazzy is not something I do often (I'd rather stay home and read a book) but when I do, I want to feel confident and comfortable in what I'm wearing. Valentine's Day is coming up and I thought what better way to grab his attention than with an outfit catered to his liking. So with that said, I raided my closet and I'm ready to strut my stuff! 


Black Bootie Heels: $10.00 WetSeal 
Black Flower Tights: $4.99 Rue21
Black Tub Top: $6.50 WetSeal
Shades of Night Clutch: $50 Winky Designs
Open Heart Key Necklace: $100 Kay Jewelers 
Red Velvet Wrap Watch: $120 Winky Designs 
Maroon Knit Skirt By Growze: $78 Boutiqueaholics
White Sweater With Black Lace By Take Out: $27.99 Kohl's